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Town Center Advisory Committee

The City Council identified the development of a Town Center Master Plan as one of the top priorities in 2020. The Tech Park Character Area was identified as the appropriate area for a Town Center in the Comprehensive Plan update adopted in 2018. The Master Plan will review and establish appropriate land use, linear park design, street and multi-modal networks, streetscape, and architectural standards desired by residents, businesses, and property owners to create a vibrant, inviting and experiential Town Center unique to the City of Johns Creek.

The Advisory Committee for the Town Center Master Plan will be composed of 25 members and 2 City Councilmember liaisons, representing a broad range of ages, backgrounds and expertise. The Advisory Committee will function as the sounding board to review and provide feedback to staff at various milestones of developing the Master Plan.

The City of Johns Creek and Department of Community Development staff look forward to working with the selected Advisory Committee to create a Master Plan for the Town Center that will be enjoyed by residents and businesses for many years to come.  

The 25 member Advisory Committee will be selected based on the following composition – 12 spots based on specific criteria and the remaining 13 spots by referring to the criteria only as a guide. Refer to the chart and guide below. Please be sure to specify the spot you are self-nominating for as part of this process.
  Criteria-based role Examples
1 Arts experience A person involved with an arts organization or member of the Arts & Culture Board or member of the Public Art Board
2 Business (large) / corporate experience An owner or executive of a large Johns Creek business located within Technology Park
3 Business (small/local) experience A small business owner or member of the Chamber of Commerce with experience in small business efforts
4 Development experience A person with commercial development experience or experience implementing land development projects
5 Economic development experience A member of Johns Creek Advantage or the Johns Creek Convention & Visitors Bureau
6 Neighborhood experience A member of the Johns Creek Community Association or someone serving on their local Homeowners Association
7 Planning (land use) experience A person in the land planning or architecture profession
8 Planning (oversight) experience A person in the land planning or architecture profession
9 &10 Real estate experience A past or present member of the Planning Commission or previously served on the Comprehensive Planning Advisory Committee
11 Recreation and parks experience A past or present member of the Recreation & Parks Advisory Committee or someone involved in a recreation organization or being involved with sports or recreation programming
12  Transportation expertise A transportation planning professional or a person involved with transportation planning

Apply here for the Town Center Advisory Committee.