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Public Art Board


The purpose of the Johns Creek Public Art Board is to review proposals for public art work and provide recommendations to the City Council as outlined in the Public Art Ordinance and Public Art Master Plan.

The Public Art Board may develop standards for Public Art on City property, including the selection of works of art and special landscape treatments, with the final review and approval by the Mayor and City Council.

Contact:  Email City Hall or call 678-512-3200.

Meeting Schedule

The Public Art Board will meet as proposals are received. The Board will meet at the City Hall Council Chambers, 11360 Lakefield Drive, Johns Creek, GA 30097.

Please check the City Calendar for upcoming meetings. 

May 2022 - Meeting Cancelled
April 2022 - Meeting Cancelled
March 2022 - Meeting Cancelled
February 2022 - Meeting Cancelled
January 2022 - Meeting Cancelled



To submit a Public Art piece for approval:

Please print out this Public Art Application and follow directions on the application for submitting to the City. Application must be accompanied by drawings/plans, etc. and it is best to deliver this in person to City Hall.


Public Art Board members are appointed by the Mayor and City Council to four year terms. The current members are:

Post A:  Scott Kallish (Chair) (term expires Feb. 28, 2023)
Post B:  Tracy Stegall (term expires Feb. 28, 2023)
Post C:  Lauren Kermani (term expires Feb. 28, 2025)
Post D:  Barbara Rettker (term expires Feb. 28, 2025)
Post E:  Kelley Butcher (term expires Feb. 28, 2025)