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Johns Creek Vitality Committee

Meeting Schedule

The Johns Creek Vitality Committee meets monthly at Johns Creek City Hall. Check the city calendar for meeting dates.

Meeting Agenda

Meeting Calendar PDF

Committee ​Members

Alex Almanza****
Jillian Phillips**** 
Neal Corbett* 
Ana Cleary**
Eileen Parsons*
Martina Desgouttes** 
Michelle Marto**
Srini Avula*
Marti Vogt***
Alyse Hensel***
Sandra Pastorello***

*Term expires Nov. 2, 2022
**Term expires Nov. 2, 2023
***Term expires Nov. 2, 2024
****Term expires Nov. 2, 2025

About the Committee

The Johns Creek Vitality Committee builds on preserving our residential footprint, enhances opportunities for community engagement, supports business development and innovation opportunities, and leverages our existing strengths and assets to create a lasting legacy for the city.
The advisory committee makes recommendations to the City Council in matters of policy and administration related to Johns Creek’s focus on healthcare innovation and wellness. The focus helps create opportunities to participate in and contribute to the aspiration to be a top city in healthcare innovation and wellness.