Cauley Creek Riverfront Redevelopment

On the banks of the Chattahoochee River surrounded on three sides by Cauley Creek Park is a 10-acre site brimming with redevelopment potential.

Although the City anticipates retaining ownership of the land, the City is inviting proposals from potential partners to activate the site. The City is open to all non-residential and non-heavy industrial proposals for the redevelopment of the land and anticipates successful proposers will share creative and innovative ideas for uses complementary to the surrounding park amenities. 

Invitation for Proposals [PDF]
Appendix of Exhibits [PDF]
Addendum 1, Cauley Creek Park Riverfront Redevelopment [PDF]
Addendum 1, Attachment 1: Phase 1 ESA Report [PDF]
Addendum 1, Attachment 2: Photos of Interior of Showroom [PDF]
Addendum 1, Attachment 3: Plans for Showroom from Construction [PDF]
Addendum 1, Attachment 4: Recreaiton & Parks Master Plan [PDF]

Release of Invitation for Proposals: Friday, Oct. 20, 2023
Pre-Proposal Conference: Wednesday, Nov. 1, 2023
Deadline to Submit Proposals: Friday, Dec. 1, 2023

Please direct all questions to