Cauley Creek Park

The 192-acre property is located in the eastern half of the city adjacent to the Rogers Bridge Trail and the proposed Rogers Bridge connection to over the Chattahoochee River to Duluth. The site is mostly undeveloped except for a non-operational water reclamation facility.

Concept Plan:

Park Location:

Cauley Creek Park

Currently Under Construction:

Construction on the first phase was completed in June 2021. The new trail segment is 14 feet wide and approximately 2,500 feet long and made of a durable rubberized material, which makes it one of the only rubberized 5K trails in the United States.

The trail is not yet open to the public due to upcoming park construction on site and adjacent construction access to the Rogers Bridge Replacement project.
Cauley Creek Park trail


March 2016: City purchased 133 acres of property for the future Cauley Creek Park
June 2017: City purchased the 58-acre Quail Hollow property adjacent to the Cauley Creek property
October 2020: City begins construction on the first segment of the Cauley Creek Park trail
May 2021: City purchased remaining 10 acres of property to complete Cauley Creek Park.
Late Fall 2021: Construction on Cauley Creek Park to begin

Cauley Creek Park
Cauley Creek Park Groundbreaking (December 2021)