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Code Compliance FAQs

How do I report City Code violations?

A City Code violation can be reported by submitting an online Code Violation Complaint form, or by calling 678-512-3305 and ask to speak with a Code Compliance staff member, or by emailing the Code Compliance Division at codecompliance@johnscreekga.gov.

What's the height limit on high grass and weeds?

All high grass and weeds should not exceed 10" in height.

What's considered a junk vehicle?

Any vehicle that's inoperable, dismantled or doesn't have a current tag or registration is considered a junk vehicle.

What's considered outside storage?

Outside storage is any material or items stored in the exterior property area of your residence that are viewable from the right-of-way or neighbor properties.

What are the guidelines for parking of specialized vehicles in residential areas?

Specialized vehicles such as boats, trailers and recreational vehicles should be parked in the rear or side yards only and must be placed on an all-weather surface. Vehicles with a gross weight of over 4 tons are not allowed.

Why should open and vacant structures be secured?

Unsecured vacant structures provide opportunities for illegal activity as well as possible injury to trespassers.

When is a permit for a fence required?

Any fence that stands more than three feet in height requires a permit.

Is a permit required for banners and how many are allowed to be displayed at once?

A valid permit must be obtained prior to hanging or displaying all banners. Only one banner can be obtained simultaneously by each establishment.

Can I legally place a sign in the right of way?

Signs, other than those belonging to a government, public service agency or railroad are prohibited in the right-of-way.

Can I have a business at my residence?

A home occupation is permitted as an accessory use of a dwelling unit in any zoning district. Its operation and employees are limited to members of the resident family only. View the Home Occupation guidelines.