Proposed Identity

Invest in Our Strengths

Well-Being & Resilience

Who is Johns Creek? What do we want to be known for now and in the future? As a City, we've been working through this since its formation. Just as an identity brings a sense of purpose, drive, and clarity to life for an individual, a City deserves to have one today and the foreseeable future.

Proposed Theme: Health, Wellness, Healthcare Innovation
Proposed Aspiration: Become a Top 10 U.S. City in Healthcare Innovation & Wellness

Johns Creek would also be well-known for something we collectively create. Health and wellness has something we each can get behind and contribute. It's relevant for every age, background, and economic stage. Building on this, we can eventually branch out and leverage other strengths to invest in a legacy of a resilient City for years to come.

We have the pieces. Health and wellness are ever-present in our community. So, let's fully embrace the identity and march forward with a collective purpose that makes sense for all of us.