FAQs about Johns Creek Vitality


In its resolution to support and implement Johns Creek Vitality (formerly “iHeart Johns Creek,”) the City Council noted that Johns Creek is already home to many businesses and professionals in the healthcare and wellness industry such as Emory Johns Creek Hospital, Alcon Laboratories, high-growth startups, private medical practices, active adult to full care facilities, and nutritional, spiritual and physical wellness businesses. The resolution also highlights Johns Creek’s desire to seek a unique identity that builds on preserving its residential footprint, enhances opportunities for community engagement, supports business development, and innovation opportunities. It also intends to leverage the city’s existing strengths and assets to create a lasting legacy for its residents.

With the adoption of Johns Creek Vitality, the City Council has directed the staff to incorporate health and wellness into the city’s strategic planning framework and facilitate collaboration and partnerships with local business and residential organizations, neighboring cities, and other related organizations.

Healthcare innovation and wellness is just a starting focal point. Focus, purpose, and passion provide a place to start, an anchor from where to begin. This can help us collectively build momentum. Health and wellness requires long-term and impactful thinking. The City encourages and supports other industries while still maintaining our identity as a community. Healthcare, wellness, and well-being can allow Johns Creek to 'compete' and differentiate and collaborate among ourselves in the community. Having something unique affords us interesting opportunities to collaborate with neighboring municipalities and organizations across Georgia, the United State, and internationally.

Some of the areas in health and wellness can include: BioTech, informatics, pharmaceutical, science, treatment, insurance, research, public health, nutrition, physical, mental and spiritual etc. Other supporting industries could include technology, agriculture, filming, etc. Have other ideas? Let's hear them!

If you like the idea, please share it with others, email, social media, in-person, etc. If you have any suggestions on this proposal or how you would like to help, please let us know.