Johns Creek Vitality

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In 2018, City Council adopted a strategic focus on healthcare innovation and wellness, called Johns Creek Vitality (formerly 'iHeart Johns Creek").

Council notes that this aspiration is well-aligned with its support for economic growth and fits the character of Johns Creek's active and premier residential lifestyle.

View the City Council Resolution [PDF]

HouseFor Residents: Johns Creek is an active community. Our full cycle of life and well-being are a priority. Physically, mentally, spiritually, socially, and financially. Focusing on this spans an individual, entire family, and the community.

Open SignFor Economic Development: With a healthcare theme, we can rally around a differentiated focus and resilient environment for economic development. It's an industry that aligns well with the DNA of our aspirations as a City and community.

People IconFor Partners: Serving as a healthcare anchor for the region, our focus allows us to effectively invest in our strengths and concentrate our resources to grow responsibility. With our unique concentration, we can now clearly collaborate with our neighboring municipalities and other local organizations to extend the successess for our City.

HeartFor Innovators: Innovation begins with having a unique focus and opportunity in our region. We can connect, support, and incubate the best healthcare ideas to benefit our community and make our dent in the region/world.