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Johns Creek City Council approves Fiscal Year 2023 Budget

September 14, 2022

Johns Creek City Council unanimously approved a $71.5 million General Fund budget Monday, Sept. 12 for Fiscal Year (FY) 2023, which begins Oct.1.

The adopted budget focuses on five key themes: (1) advancing public safety, (2) expanding and improving the park system, (3) strengthening our team and community communications, (4) investing in our critical infrastructure and assets, and (5) improving roadway safety and traffic issues. These five themes can be seen in both the programs and services funded in the budget.

“The FY2023 budget forwards City Council’s commitment to proactively build a greater community for Johns Creek: physically, economically, and socially while maintaining our strong fiscal health,” said Mayor John Bradberry. “This budget furthers our high level of quality services and programs, especially public safety, that will serve the people of Johns Creek well.”

The budget is the annual operating plan for the city and directly aligns with priorities set by the City Council.
Highlights of the budget include:
  • Beginning the process of replacing the 40-year-old Fire Station #63 building, which has experienced significant plumbing, mechanical, and structural issues.
  • Adding a Behavioral Healthcare Clinician and another police officer to the Police Department’s Clinician - Officer Response Team 
  • Sets aside the first $1 million towards implementation of the Recreation and Parks Plan (for which an update is presently underway) as well as $1.2 million for existing park maintenance and improvement projects.
  • Implementing a Compensation and Classification Study to help guide the City as to how to appropriately compensate City employees and improve our ability to retain and recruit employees. 
  • Redesigning the City website, which is the City’s main communication and engagement tool for residents, businesses, employees, and visitors.
  • More than $15 million in construction and maintenance of current and future infrastructure assets including roadways, sidewalks, bridges, fire stations, stormwater assets and infrastructure, and more.
  • Expanding street lighting along Taylor Road and the addition of a HAWK signal on Brumbelow Road at Newtown Park and Mount Pisgah. 
The City Council publicly reviewed and refined the budget at the July 11, July 25, Aug. 15, and Aug. 29, 2022 meetings. Public Hearings were held on June 21, Aug. 15, and Sept. 12, 2022.
Overall, the adopted budget provides the resources to serve the community, improve infrastructure, maintain assets, and improve overall quality of life. 
The budget documents and presentation are available on the City’s website.