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Open Data Day is Saturday, March 6

March 05, 2021

Open Data Day is an annual international celebration to show the benefits of open data and the City of Johns Creek is participating by highlighting its ‘Map Our Trees’ initiative.
‘Map Our Trees’ aims to create a map-based inventory of trees in city parks.  Each point added to the map will represent a single tree along with that tree’s specific species name.  This tree inventory is “open data” meaning that it can be continually accessed by the city for tree maintenance and new plantings as well as by citizens and advocacy groups for their own analysis. 

Thanks to a City of Johns Creek GIS-created smartphone app, “Map Our Trees,” residents can help contribute to the tree inventory.  The app is able to detect the top 50 tree types that exist in the Atlanta area just by pointing your smartphone’s camera at a leaf.

With Spring nearly here and leaves soon reappearing on trees, the initiative will quickly ramp up. Here’s how you can participate:

1.    Download the City of Johns Creek’s “Map Our Trees” app from the App Store (iPhone/iPad or Android)
2.    Go outside or to one of Johns Creek’s parks with your smartphone
3.    Using the Map Our Trees app, start taking photos of trees’ leaves (get up close!)
4.    Upload those photos within the app

The information collected on the app is uploaded and analyzed in order to create the tree inventory. The city can then track tree species, age, and location.

View more information, including the tree inventory progress: https://environment.johnscreekga.gov/pages/tree-inventory
Learn more about City of Johns Creek’s open data portal, “DataHub:” https://datahub.johnscreekga.gov/. For more information about Open Data Day, visit opendataday.org.