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Johns Creek City Council approves Fiscal Year 2022 Budget

September 14, 2021

The Johns Creek City Council approved a $62 million General Fund budget Monday, Sept. 13 for fiscal year (FY) 2022, which begins Oct.1. Created amidst evolving impacts of the global pandemic, the FY2022 Budget revenue estimates have been informed by monthly data, insights from relevant industry professionals, and historical trends but are tempered by current realities due to COVID-19.
As the City navigates the global health crisis and related economic challenges, the FY2022 Budget will propel the city forward. The adopted budget focuses on five key themes: (1) advancing the community’s safety, (2) proactively addressing stormwater infrastructure needs, (3) continuing high-quality asset and infrastructure governance, (4) enhancing the park system, and (5) addressing traffic congestion. These five themes can be seen in both the programs and services funded in the budget.
 “The FY2022 budget, adopted by Council, is a reflection of the city’s commitment to the continued dedication to the safety, security, growth, and maintenance of our exceptional city,” said Mayor Mike Bodker. “The City of Johns Creek remains committed to delivering the best programs and services”, said Bodker, “I am proud of the city team for creating a balanced budget that addresses the city’s most critical priorities. I am grateful to every department and employee for meeting the moment and to the City Council for their dedication and hard work finalizing the budget.”
The budget is the annual operating plan for the city and directly aligns with the priorities set by the City Council.
Highlights of the budget include:
  • Adding a four-person Georgia Crime Information Center (GCIC) unit to provide 24/7 services related to serving warrants and supporting the Police Department and Municipal Court.
  • Replacing aging Public Safety Fleet Vehicles including two Quick Response Vehicles (used to respond to emergency medical calls) and the Self Contained Breathing Apparatus Air Truck (for refilling air bottles utilized in active structure fires).
  • A Stormwater Utility Fund which anticipates $3.2M of expenditures towards repair and maintenance of stormwater assets and infrastructure.
  • Over $7 million dedicated to construction and maintenance of current and future infrastructure assets including roadways, sidewalks, bridges, fire stations, and more.
The City Council publicly reviewed and refined the budget at the July 12, July 26, Aug. 16, and Aug. 30, 2021, work sessions and the July 12, 2021, Council Meeting.  Public Hearings were held during the July 12, 2021, and Sept. 13, 2021, regular meetings.
Overall, the adopted budget provides the resources to serve the community, improve infrastructure, maintain  assets, and improve overall quality of life. As the city moves forward, plans for FY2022 consist of a steady and consistent approach to focus on vital investments and help provide for equitable recovery and growth for residents and businesses across the city.
The budget documents and presentation are available on the City’s website