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City of Johns Creek begins Stormwater Utility Program outreach

March 15, 2021

Stormwater Utility ProgramIn order to address the critical infrastructure impacts of stormwater runoff, the City of Johns Creek began the process of exploring potential implementation of a stormwater utility program. Maintaining and improving the stormwater system is important to prevent flooding and property damage, and to protect our quality of life in Johns Creek. With the implementation of a stormwater utility program, the city would create an effective stormwater maintenance and operations funding mechanism established through fees. 

This program would require all property owners to pay a fee based on runoff area (impervious area + pervious area) generated on the property. Once implemented by Council, the program will have an impact on residents, businesses, places of worship as well as the 15 Fulton County schools located in the city. 
The city has gone through an extensive amount of research, data analysis, and discussion with City Council on the stormwater utility program. 

To date, City Council has not yet implemented the program and therefore, the cost per property has not yet been determined. The city is currently reviewing a rate study and more information will be provided soon.

View the Stormwater Utility Flyer [PDF]
View the Stormwater Utility Presentation [PDF]
View the Stormwater Utility Video Presentation

More information, including Frequently Asked Questions, is available on the City of Johns Creek website.

Questions? Email StormwaterUtility@JohnsCreekGA.gov.