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Turn off, winterize irrigation systems

November 01, 2020

Turning off irrigation systems can prevent icing problems when spray freezes on sidewalks and streets. Public Works officials report that in the past, crews have had to de-ice roads and sidewalks where automatic sprinklers turned on and the water froze.

To winterize your irrigation system:
  • turn off water to the system at the main valve
  • set the automatic irrigation controller to the "rain" setting
  • turn on each valve to release pressure to the pipes, and
  • drain all of the water from any components that might freeze.

Other winter tips:
  • Bring your pets inside.
  • Protect young or tender plants.
  • Winterize your home to stay warm and save energy 
  • Winterize your car to ensure it's safe and reliable in inclement weather
  • Assemble an emergency winter kit for the trunk of your car that includes: blanket, extra boots and gloves; ice scraper; small snow shovel; flashlight and kitty litter for traction when your car is stuck in snow.