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Johns Creek begins Neighborhood Repaving program

April 24, 2020

Neighborhood RepavingThis spring, the Johns Creek Public Works Department launched its sixth year of repaving the city’s neighborhood streets.
Crews are slated to pave six neighborhoods this year. A repaving schedule is available on the city’s website and is subject to change due to weather and availability of additional crews.
In 2018, a consultant drove a specially-equipped vehicle down each of Johns Creek’s streets to gauge their conditions. Using that data as a guide, the Public Works staff developed a repaving plan for the city’s subdivisions.
The physical survey of city streets revealed many had a substandard Pavement Quality Index (PQI), a scale developed by the Corps of Engineers to measure cracking, potholes, rutting, weathering and other factors. Low PQI scores reflect poor condition of pavement. The lower the PQI score, the higher the ranking when scheduling the repaving.

For more information, please view the Neighborhood Repaving webpage.