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Johns Creek and Alpharetta bring Waze Carpool to local residents and employers

June 04, 2019

Waze CarpoolThe cities of Johns Creek and Alpharetta today announce a partnership with Waze Carpool, a service offered by Waze that connects riders and drivers for easier, more affordable commutes. Beginning June 4 and available through Aug. 5, residents can upgrade their commutes to work by enjoying $2 flat rides via Waze Carpool. 

Waze Carpool connects drivers and passengers with similar destinations by pairing them together to share commutes on the most optimal routes. Commuters can use the Waze Carpool app to choose a rider or driver based on the user’s personal profile and select filters, including gender, coworker or classmate, and proximity to a preferred route. Waze Carpool drivers manage routes through the app, which can be customized to schedule rides up to seven days in advance. Drivers will also receive the full ride fare payments during the promotional period.

“Our goal is to help address the traffic congestion we witness on a daily basis in the north metro area by taking cars off the road and providing commuters with convenient and cost-effective options for getting to work or wherever they need to go,” said Johns Creek City Council Member Chris Coughlin. “We see our partnership with Waze as a win for residents and for the businesses that call Johns Creek and Alpharetta home.”

Georgia Commute Options (GCO), a program managed by the Atlanta Regional Commission, is working with employer partners in the north Fulton area to promote this limited time program. The GCO team works with employers, commuters and schools around the entire metro Atlanta region to encourage drivers who ride alone to make the switch to a sustainable commuting alternative like carpooling, teleworking or taking public transit.

Waze recently expanded Waze Carpool to all 50 US states, as well as Brazil and Mexico. Waze partners with local municipalities and employers to enable people to move more freely within the communities where they live and work. Through Waze’s Connected Citizens Program, local governments can also leverage Waze data to access a deeper view into real-time traffic updates and high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lane routing to potentially reduce future congestion.

Waze Carpool is available to Johns Creek and Alpharetta residents in the Waze app for iOS (App Store) and Android (Google Play). New riders are eligible for $2 rides from June 4 through Aug. 5 for rides originating or ending in Johns Creek and Alpharetta or if riders join the Waze Carpool Johns Creek and Alpharetta group by visiting bit.ly/johnscreekandalpharetta. Both Waze Carpool drivers and riders get $20 cash per referral, with a maximum of 10 referrals per person. 

For additional information on Waze Carpool, how to download the application and to sign up to be a rider or a driver, please visit https://www.waze.com/carpool.

For additional information on Georgia Commute Options please visit https://gacommuteoptions.com