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Volunteers needed to serve on City boards & commissions

October 16, 2018

Boards & CommissionsResidents who are interested in serving on City boards, commissions, and committees can nominate themselves for board positions. Board members must reside within the city limits and must be able to attend two-thirds of the meetings within a calendar year.  Residents with the time, ability and desire to actively participate on these boards are asked to please apply online
The Planning Commission, which has seven members, reviews zoning cases and serves as a recommending body to the Mayor and City Council for the purpose of upholding and implementing the vision and objectives as outlined in the Comprehensive Plan and accompanying regulatory ordinances such as zoning and subdivisions. Planning Commission members are appointed by the Mayor & City Council and serve two year, staggered terms. The Planning Commission meets on the first Tuesday of the month.
The Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA), which has seven members, decides on cases requesting variances and/or code interpretations on the regulatory ordinances of the City, including but not limited to zoning and land development regulations. Further, the board shall hear cases requesting an appeal to a staff interpretation and/or decision on the above referenced ordinances. Other ordinances adopted in the future that include regulatory requirements which affect building and development may come under the purview of this Board. The BZA is a decision making board in that any appeal to its decisions shall be made to the Superior Court of Fulton County.  BZA members are appointed by Mayor & City Council and serve two year, staggered terms. The Board of Zoning Appeals meets on the third Tuesday of each month.
Construction Board of Appeals decides on cases requesting variances, code interpretation or an appeal to a staff decision on regulatory ordinances of the construction of buildings or the life safety within such structures. The Johns Creek Construction Board of Appeals does not currently have a regular meeting schedule as they only meet when a hearing is needed. 
The Arts and Culture Board promotes the arts by making recommendations to the Mayor and City Council about enriching the City's cultural scene. The board advocates for the arts as well as studies and makes quarterly recommendations to City Council about policies and proposed programs or artwork in Johns Creek. The Arts and Culture Board has eleven members nominated by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council. Each board member is appointed to a two-year term and may serve consecutive terms. The board meetings are held on the fourth Thursday of the month.
The Public Art Board, which has five members, reviews proposals for public art work and provides recommendations to the City Council as outlined in the Public Art Ordinance and Public Art Master Plan. The Public Art Board may develop standards for Public Art on City property, including the selection of works of art and special landscape treatments, with the final review and approval by the Mayor and City Council. Each board member is appointed by the Mayor & City Council to four-year terms. The Public Art Board meets as proposals are received.
Recreation & Parks Advisory Committee, a 15-member board, will provide input and recommendations to City Council in matters of policy of City-owned parks and the recreation programs operated in the City parks, including direction on the City’s Recreation & Parks Strategic Pan and Park Bond program. Members serve two-year terms. The committee meets on the third Wednesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. Meeting locations may vary.

The City opens the self-nomination process for 30 days.  Once closed, all applications are then forwarded to the council for their review.  Afterward, the council provides their recommendations to the Mayor.  Each recommended applicant is contacted by Craig Kidd (Mayor’s Aide) to determine if they are still interested in serving.  The Mayor then nominates board appointees and council ratifies the appointments.  This is a 60-90 day process.
Questions? Call City Hall at 678-512-3200 or email info@JohnsCreekGA.gov.