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City aims to decrease traffic congestion through real time data

March 28, 2018

Waze signHave you noticed the new Waze signs on roads crossing into the City of Johns Creek?  The blue signs announce Johns Creek as a “Waze partner city since 2015” and are part of a new pilot project between the City and Waze, the world’s largest crowd-source traffic navigation app. 

Johns Creek has been a Waze partner city since 2015 and is part of an initiative to use real time traffic data collection to decrease traffic congestion.
 In 2015, Johns Creek became the first city in Georgia to partner with Waze.  The partnership involves the City sending road construction and closure updates to Waze and the app sending user-generated alerts and jams to the City – all in real-time.  This sharing of data helps drivers avoid heavily congested areas and helps the City respond to issues faster as well as guides traffic improvement planning.

Waze data enters the City’s Geographic Information System (GIS).  In real-time, the GIS processes through the live information, breaking it up into useful pieces as email notifications to field crews and dashboards for traffic control center engineers.  
“When lots of people use Waze in Johns Creek, the flow of information is steady, accurate, and very helpful,” says Nick O’Day, Chief Data Officer for the City.