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Johns Creek City Council receives proposed FY 2019 City Budget for review

August 15, 2018

FY 2019 BudgetMayor Mike Bodker submitted the City of Johns Creek’s proposed Fiscal Year (FY) 2019 budget to the City Council for its review and consideration on Monday, Aug. 13.
Five key themes resonate throughout the proposed FY 2019 budget
  1. Transparency.  The budget document clearly identifies the variances and moves/shifts within the budget compared to the prior year as well as detailing one-time and non-recurring expenditures to ensure they are not carried forward in perpetuity. 
  2. Budget Maturity.  The budget continues to set aside funds for the maintenance of existing infrastructure and replacement of existing vehicles.  Additionally, the budget introduces an accrual for equipment (from radios to water rescue gear) to save for the eventual replacement or repair of essential equipment.  
  3. “Promises Made, Promises Kept.”  The budget fully funds Council promises for major capital investments from the construction of the City’s fourth Fire Station (Fire Station #64) to sound abatement on Abbotts Bridge Road (from Parsons Road to Jones Bridge Road). 
  4. Identifying the True Cost of Service.  From contracts to personnel, the budget adjusts estimated costs from prior years to true costs based on actuals. In areas Council has clearly defined service level expectations, funding is adjusted to meet the cost of providing services at expected levels.     
  5. Stormwater Infrastructure.  The budget acknowledges the significant liability related to stormwater infrastructure and the impact on residents. As a result, FY 2019 will be the year of stormwater.  The proposed budget adds a Stormwater Engineer position, a stream gauge system, and completes an assessment of a sample of existing stormwater structures and conveyances to determine condition and maintenance needs. Also in FY 2019, the City will gain a better understanding of the age and condition of the existing infrastructure, a plan for the long-term maintenance of the system, and options to provide for these needs. 

Through the proposed capital projects and service contracts, the FY 2019 budget also forwards the six goals established by the City Council in its adopted 2016 – 2018 Strategic Plan.  The goals focus on Transportation, Recreation and Parks, Economic Development, Government Efficiency, Public Safety, and Quality of Life. 
Residents are encouraged to review and provide input on the proposed FY 2019 City budget or by attending the budget hearings.  The first budget presentation, which took place on Aug. 13, can be viewed online. Public comment and feedback can be submitted either online, by e-mail, via social media, or by phone call to City Hall (678-512-3200). 

The next budget discussion is planned for the 5 p.m. Work Session on Aug. 27, and the next budget hearing is scheduled to take place at City Hall during the Council Meeting, also on Aug. 27 at 7 p.m.  The City Council intends to approve the FY 2019 budget in September.