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City of Johns Creek strives to become a Top City in healthcare innovation and wellness

March 01, 2018

iHeartJCThe Johns Creek City Council voted unanimously to adopt a strategic focus on healthcare innovation and wellness, which it dubbed “iHeart Johns Creek.”
The City Council noted that this aspiration is well-aligned with its mission for economic growth and fits the character of Johns Creek’s active and premier residential lifestyle.
“iHeart Johns Creek recognizes the obvious,” said Johns Creek Mayor Mike Bodker. “It is a natural strength of our city that we can become a healthcare innovation and wellness destination of choice.”
In its resolution to support and implement “iHeart Johns Creek,” the City Council noted that Johns Creek is already home to many businesses and professionals in the healthcare and wellness industry such as Emory Johns Creek Hospital, Alcon Laboratories, high-growth start-ups, private medical practices, active adult to full care facilities, and nutritional, spiritual and physical wellness businesses.
The resolution also highlights Johns Creek’s desire to seek a unique identity that builds on preserving its residential footprint, enhances opportunities for community engagement, supports business development, and innovation opportunities.  It also intends to leverage the city’s existing strengths and assets to create a lasting legacy for its residents.
The City Council credited one local resident, Mr. Anand Thaker, for his vision and determination to create iHeart Johns Creek.
“The credit soley goes to Anand Thaker,” said Councilman Steve Broadbent. “Anand is one of those residents in Johns Creek who truly defines the phrase of what it means to ‘be the exception.’”
Mr. Thaker developed the concept and then began the dialogue with City Council members, city staff members, local non-profits, and medical and business leaders throughout Johns Creek that led to its fruition.
With the adoption of iHeart Johns Creek, the City Council has directed the staff to incorporate health and wellness into the city’s strategic planning framework and facilitate collaboration and partnerships with local business and residential organizations, neighboring cities, and other related organizations. 
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