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City of Johns Creek completes second sidewalk project of the year

September 17, 2018

Brumbelow Road sidewalkJohns Creek City Council member Steve Broadbent and City staff marked the completion of another sidewalk project, which is located along Brumbelow Road.  The new half-mile long 10-foot wide sidewalk improves connectivity from Nesbit Ferry Road to Old Alabama Road and Newtown Park.

Also as part of this project, a pedestrian bridge was added to a narrow motorist bridge on the road from Mackinac Drive to Stoney Ridge Drive, which had prevented pedestrians from traveling safely on this corridor.

Last month, City officials completed the Parsons Road sidewalk project, which comprises a total of five completed sections of sidewalk along the road.  This project closed a gap in the sidewalk network between Abbotts Bridge Road and Medlock Bridge Road. 

The 5-foot wide and 8-foot wide sidewalk segments are along an elementary school walking route, and improve overall safety and walkability in the area.  The project also includes a lighted crosswalk between Stonegrove Overlook Road and the bridge over Johns Creek tributary.

For more information regarding the City’s plan to increase sidewalk connectivity, please view the sidewalk rankings sidewalk-rankings and policy.