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New traffic pattern on McGinnis Ferry Road at Sargent Road

July 28, 2017

Sargent RoadJohns Creek’s latest Florida T intersection at McGinnis Ferry Road and Sargent Road is now operational.  Motorists are advised to be alert with the new traffic pattern and only turn left when in the left turn lane. 
Motorists traveling west on McGinnis Ferry Road through the Sargent Road intersection can continue without having to stop.  Motorists in the left turn lane will either have a red signal, a flashing left turn signal, which indicates yielding to oncoming traffic, or they will have a green arrow that provides them with the right way.
The barriers (tuff curb) are temporary until the McGinnis Ferry Road widening project commences.  The final project will include curb and gutter, and landscaped islands, which will significantly improve the aesthetics.

The first Florida T in Johns Creek, which was installed in 2009, is at Old Alabama Road at Buice Road.  The idea behind the Florida T design is to provide more continuous and safer movement for traffic.  However, as with most new traffic patterns, it is important that motorists remain alert and aware of the rules of the road to help improve safe operations. 
As always, please refrain from using a smart phone while driving, and remain patient with those learning a new traffic pattern. The City will continue to monitor the new traffic pattern and make adjustments as needed.