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Johns Creek launches free ‘2.0’ information portal, DataHub

January 17, 2017

Data HubIn the first of its kind in Georgia, the City of Johns Creek has launched its “DataHub,” an expansion of its OpenData portal that will now include a variety of interactive tools that help users see, understand and work with large amounts of city-generated data like code enforcement information, building permits, fire and police data.
The DataHub, an online portal available via the City website, allows users to visualize data in a dashboard format using interactive graphs and maps. 
“We built the DataHub to be a single, centralized place to work with data,” said Nick O’Day, Senior GIS Manager. “The Hub is unique because it helps walk people through the information instead of only being a place to download data.”
For example, when a user clicks on a section of a graph in one of the dashboards, the corresponding points on the map are highlighted.  One dashboard was created for each major data type in the portal and then similar dashboards were grouped into story maps to help users understand relationships between different data types.
“The DataHub allows users to interact with the data and builds knowledge and understanding of what’s going on in their community and the services that the City provides,” said Mayor Mike Bodker. “This is a great way for us to engage with our citizens and businesses.”
This holistic approach to data is quickly becoming a trend among major cities across the country.  Recently, the City of Los Angeles launched a similar portal called the “GeoHub” which was the first portal of its kind in the US. 
One of the major reasons for creating the DataHub is to help support economic development in the City, by providing access to the data and the tools to understand it.

Learn about the DataHub - How it Works


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