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Fulton County to perform maintenance, trimming work on water and sewer easements

September 05, 2017

SewerFulton County will soon undertake maintenance and trimming activities along the water and sanitary sewer easements in Johns Creek neighborhoods to assure access for repairs and maintenance to the county’s infrastructure.
Crews will begin maintenance and trimming throughout the next several weeks. Once begun, the maintenance activities will take between two and four days and will be done during daytime hours.
The maintenance and trimming will be performed by motorized equipment depending on terrain, size of trees/vegetation and crews will keep any necessary removal of vegetation to a minimum.
Please remove as much personal property from the easements as possible (usually in the rear and side of your property; not the frontage, referred to as the right-of-way). While precautions are taken to minimize disturbance of shrubs, landscaping, flowerbeds, fences, etc. on the easement, access to sewer manholes needs to be assured. If such areas must be subjected to disturbance, removal, or damage, they will not be replaced by Naturchem, Inc, (Fulton County's contractor), its subcontractor, or Fulton County Government, which cannot be held liable for any damages.
Crews will begin flagging and identifying the easement. Maintenance and trimming will begin about five days thereafter. If you have personal property in the flagged area, you will have up to two business days to remove all such property in the easement.
If you would like to obtain a copy of a plat of your property, contact the Office of the Clerk of Superior Court at 404-613-5286.
If you have any questions, please contact Fulton County Department of Public Works: Charles Nezianya 404-612-0188 or Clint Ghahramani at 404-612-4235.
NaturChem: John Moran at 770-860-8777.