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Crews to begin inspecting storm drain systems in Johns Creek

April 04, 2017

sewerThe City of Johns Creek will begin to expand and improve the annual assessment of its storm drainage system. 

Following a Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) storm water discharge permit with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, the City is required to have an inventory of the storm drain system and Johns Creek must inspect 20 percent of the system each year. The inspection includes identifying City-owned pipes and structures that need to be cleaned or repaired. 

This year, the inspection program will include photographic records of the interior of storm drain pipes and structures. The City’s study contractor, Metals and Materials Engineers, will conduct the inspections, which are expected to take nine months.

Crews may need to be on homeowners’ properties in order to conduct the inspections and they will have identification. If the homeowner has any concerns regarding the inspection and requests a delay in the process, the crew will notify the City, who will then follow up with the resident.

The structures and pipes that need to be repaired will be placed on a list and repaired as funding and schedules allows. Urgent repairs will be prioritized and conducted as soon as possible.

For more information, contact the City of Johns Creek Land Development Manager, David Chastant, at 678-512-3284 or email David.Chastant@JohnsCreekGA.gov.