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City seeks input on draft 2030 Comprehensive Plan

April 05, 2017

The City of Johns Creek is currently updating its Comprehensive Plan and we need your input regarding future transportation, commercial, and residential development needs. The draft plan will be available in June, and the City needs your feedback. The Citizens Advisory Committee continues to work on the draft document.

Based on feedback from residents and stakeholders who have participated in meetings, workshops, and surveys, the City has proposed the following goals:

Goal 1: Create a citywide multi-modal transportation network. Reduce traffic congestion. Connect neighborhoods and schools.

Goal 2: Create an identity for the City. Preserve existing character of residential neighborhoods as a guide for future development.

Goal 3: Expand the City’s economic base. 

Goal 4: Provide superior recreational and cultural activities throughout the City. Positively engage our diverse population.

Goal 5: Develop tools needed to implement goals. Revise the Zoning Ordinance and Development regulations.

View the proposed Johns Creek Character Map as well as the existing Johns Creek Land Use Map.

For more information and to view the draft plan on May 1, visit www.ConnectJohnsCreek.com.