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Alcohol Licenses / Permits

Alcohol licenses and fees in Johns Creek are administered, collected and enforced by the Revenue division. All establishments which distribute or sell alcoholic beverages in the City are required to apply for a City alcohol license and pay all applicable fees and taxes.

Alcohol Licenses 

Alcohol Licenses are issued to qualified applicants and establishments, authorizing the distribution and sale of alcoholic beverages within the City. Applicants must secure an Alcohol License from both Johns Creek and the State of Georgia before transacting business in alcohol sales or distribution.

The City's application process for new establishments takes up to 60 days, from the date the completed application is received, to approve or deny the request. New businesses may qualify for a 60-day temporary license while their application is being processed. Refer to Revenue Fees and Taxes to determine the fee amount. (Note that fees are prorated for a new business).

Licenses are valid for one year and are due for renewal by Nov. 15 each year. Existing license holders will receive a renewal application in the mail. Renewals received after Nov. 15 but before Dec. 15 are subject to a 10% late filing fee. Businesses failing to renew their license by Dec. 15 must reapply for a new license (at full fee). Contact Revenue at 678-512-3242 if you do not receive a renewal application by Oct. 15.

Applicants must meet specific criteria before an application can be approved. Specific requirements are found in Chapter 6 of the City Code.

Employee Seller/Server Permit

All managers and restaurant staff who will dispense, sell, serve, take orders, mix alcoholic beverages are required to obtain an employee pouring permit  along with  taking an approved alcohol training program.  All business are required to maintain detailed records of such training for a minimum of 36 months after training. Evidence of alcohol awareness training records shall be made available upon request for inspection by the City. Pouring permits must be renewed every 2 calendar years. Please view the pouring permit ordinance for information on what would prevent an applicant from obtaining a seller/server permit and other relevant facts.

The application process includes filing an application with the associated fee, a 5-year background investigation, and issuance of a photo id card for qualified applicants. The permit must be in the employee's possession when working at the establishment.

Special Occasion Permit Application

Special Occasion Permit [PDF]

Non-Profit / Civic Organization Special Event Permit

Non-profit organizations can now apply for an annual alcoholic beverage permit, which allows non-profit entities to serve alcoholic beverages at events throughout the entire calendar year. Interested organizations can pay the $250 fee annually. The City’s new annual permit makes it easier by streamlining the permit process for non-profit organizations to host events and progress.

Non-Profit Alcohol Special Event Permit [PDF]