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Revenue is responsible for the administration, collection and enforcement of the City's business tax certificates, alcohol licenses and excise taxes. The required licenses and permits must be secured from the City prior to conducting or operating any business activity. Visit Business Resources for other helpful resources when starting a new business.

Revenue Division hours of operation

The Revenue Division counter is open Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at City Hall, 11360 Lakefield Drive, Johns Creek, GA 30097.

Alcohol Licenses / Permits 

Alcoholic Licenses 

A Johns Creek establishment which distributes or sells alcoholic beverages, by the package or drink, must do so under a license granted by the City. Alcohol Licenses are valid for one year and are due for renewal by Nov. 15 each year.

Employee Pouring Permits

All employees of restaurants, bars, or other establishments with on-premise consumption of alcoholic beverages are required to complete an approved alcohol awareness program within 30 days of employment.  All managerial staff are required to obtain an employee pouring permit  along with being responsible in make sure all employed servers have taken an approved alcohol training program along with maintaining a current list of certified servers employed on the premises. Pouring permits must be renewed annually.

Business Tax Certificates 

All persons, firms, companies or corporations located or engaged in business in the City of Johns Creek are required to register their business with the City and obtain a business certificate by paying occupational taxes and administrative fees.

Business Tax Certificates are valid for a calendar year, Jan. 1 through Dec. 31, and must be renewed by March 31 each year. 

Excise Taxes 

Alcohol sales and hotel/motel room rentals in Johns Creek incur an excise tax payable to the City.