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Economic Development Goals

Johns Creek Strategic Economic Development Plan: 2021 Goals

GOAL 1: Promote City Image, Climate and Brand for Economic Development
Strategic Advantage: Johns Creek maintains a proactive city government that promotes responsible growth and development by funding implementation of the Strategic Economic Development Plan.
2021 Objective: Adopt a unified vision and plan for the Johns Creek Technology Park through the Town Center Strategic Plan.
GOAL 2: Develop Infrastructure for Balanced Growth
Strategic Advantage: Current infrastructure supports the city’s quality of life including recent roadway improvements at key interchanges and public transportation improvements.
2021 Objective: Improve transportation infrastructure to encourage business growth and expansion by collaborating with local and regional stakeholders to educate on regional funding.
GOAL 3: Position the City for Economic Development
Strategic Advantage: Creation of a new economic development role within the City of Johns Creek to spearhead the community’s economic development program.
2021 Objective: Establish strong working relationships and partnerships to support existing businesses, facilitate expansions and develop new businesses.
GOAL 4: Develop Product – Land and Buildings
Strategic Advantage: The City has started a strategic redevelopment plan for Technology Park to transform the dated office park into a vibrant Town Center.
2021 Objective: Analyze and catalogue the market conditions and availability of sites in and around Tech Park.
GOAL 5: Maintain Quality of Life through Community Development
Strategic Advantage: The Comprehensive Plan was updated in 2018 and includes new guidelines specific to each community character area for development of new business, housing and recreation.
2021 Objective: Promote and protect the community’s quality of life through excellence in public safety and access to recreational amenities.