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Comprehensive Plan 2030

On November 10, 2008, the City of Johns Creek adopted its Comprehensive Plan 2030. The Plan includes a Future Development map (rev. 12/20/2013) with established character areas and land uses, a Transportation Master Plan, a Green Plan and a Short Term Work Program for implementation purposes.

The City began the process of developing Comprehensive Plan 2030 in September 2007 and was developed with professional assistance from private consultants and input from citizen committees through a series of meetings and public work sessions.

The Plan consists of two components:

  • Community Assessment:  Research phase — collecting and analyzing data on current conditions such as population and existing land use.
  • Community Agenda:  The actual plan — our vision for the future as well as the strategy for achieving that vision, encompassing such topics as Issues and Opportunities, Vision and Policy Objectives, and a Future Development Map.