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Ocee Park playgrounds to be upgraded for more fun for kids

March 01, 2016

Ocee Park PlaygroundThe playgrounds at Ocee Park soon will be getting state-of-the-art equipment to encourage kids to have old-fashioned fun.

“The existing playground is getting some age and requiring more maintenance, and this is an opportunity to make an upgrade that we think kids will really enjoy,” said Parks Manager Robby Newton. “We want to entice youngsters to get outdoors, exercise and have a good time doing it. We also want to provide a place where kids can safely play while their siblings are playing baseball or softball.”

The playground will be closed from March 7 to April 15 for the installation of the new equipment.

There will be two equipment complexes, one appropriate for children aged 2 to 5, and a second for youngsters 5-years-old and older. 

For the older children, there will be a multi-level mega-tower they can climb in with a large, enclosed, spiraling slide. It features an “Avalanche Slide,” which allows kids to access the slide from ground level, developing upper-body as they pull themselves up by gripping a side rail. It has a “Backtrack climber,” which resembles a cargo net with some challenges.

For the younger children, the new playground will have crawl tubes and decks packed with climbers and slides. The swings offer a “Generation swing,” which has a big seat for an adult connected to a facing small seat for a toddler so Mom or Dad can be kids, too. Instead of a climbing wall, there’s a climbing ramp for a safer adventure.

Replacing the traditional Merry-Go-Round is the “Ten Spin” Merry-Go-Round, which seats up to 10 children, seated outward.

The new equipment is designed with safety in mind. The ground will be covered with a special protective surface to reduce injuries from falls. The playground equipment also includes elements that are ADA-accessible.

“We want everyone to be able to enjoy the new playground,” Newton said.