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Johns Creek anticipating Year 2 of neighborhood repaving program

January 21, 2016

The Johns Creek Public Works Department is preparing to launch its second year of concentrated effort to repave the city's neighborhood streets this spring.

The City originally set aside $1.5 million in 2016 for neighborhood repaving, but the City Council opted to allocate an additional $3.5 million from uncommnitted reserves to the initiative. The additional funds expanded the potential number of neighborhoods to be repaved in 2016 to as many as 26, depending on the price of asphalt, availability of contractors, and other factors.

"The City Council elected to take the same aggressive approach to repaving in 2016 that the city maintained throughout 2015," Mayor Mike Bodker said. "Well maintained neighborhood streets protect property values and improve everyone's quality of life."

The 2016 repaving effort is tentatively expected to begin in April, weather permitting. The list of subdivisions to be resurfaced in 2016 has not yet been finalized. Once approved, we will provide additional details regarding the timeline and priority for each.

Last year, repaving crews resurfaced 34.33 miles of streets in 34 subdivisions, including Doublegate, one of the City's largest. The City spent about $5.83 million in 2015 toward maintaining neighborhood streets.

In 2011, a consultant used a specially equipped vehicle to drive each of Johns Creek's streets to gauge their conditions. Using the resulting data as a guide, the Public Works staff developed a repaving plan for the City's subdivisions.

The physical survey of city streets revealed that many of them had a substandard Pavement Quality Index (PQI). The PQI is a scale developed by the Corps of Engineers to measure cracking, potholes, rutting, weathering and other factors. Low PQI scores reflect a lower condition of the pavement. The lower the PQI score, the higher the priority when scheduling the repaving.