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Johns Creek adding interim safety improvements for Barnwell Road

April 28, 2016

Banwell RoadA series of interim safety measures for Barnwell Road were approved by the Johns Creek City Council on Monday, April 25. The measures were designed to help improve sight distance problems and reduce the speed motorists drive until permanent measures are selected and implemented.

The City Council directed City staff to trim vegetation in the right of way that is obstructing the view of motorists from adjoining neighborhoods trying to turn onto Barnwell Road. City officials will install sensors on Barnwell Road at Niblick Drive to alert motorists of oncoming traffic. Other sensors are linked to signs that will notify motorists how fast they’re driving.

Barnwell Road is a 2.5-mile, two-lane collector roadway with several safety issues, such as narrow lanes and shoulders, poor sight distance at many intersections, motorists exceeding the speed limit, and a lack of sidewalks and trails.  Collector roads usually have two lanes, handle low to moderate traffic and move vehicles from local streets to arterial roads.

The City Council opted to implement the interim measures while it solicits public input and deliberates about permanent solutions for the Barnwell Road corridor. Public Information Open House meetings are scheduled for May 3 at Mt. Pisgah Christian School, and May 11 at Barnwell Elementary School from 7 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Other interim solutions include:
  • Meet with private landowners along Olde Clubs Way and the homeowners association to remove vegetation and terrain limiting the view of motorists on Olde Clubs Drive.
  • Construct locations on the side of Barnwell Road to accommodate police cars enforcing the speed limit.
  • Study options for removing part of a rock outcropping at Niblick Drive that blocks the view of motorists trying to turn onto Barnwell Road.
For more information about City transportation projects, visit the Public Works webpage.