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City Council approves FY 2017 budget

September 20, 2016

BudgetThe Johns Creek City Council approved the city’s Fiscal Year (FY) 2017 budget with a General Fund that anticipates $55,257,146 in revenues, which represents an overall 0.57% increase from the adopted FY 2016 Budget. Additionally, the council will use previously reserved funds of $2,519,837 to continue the residential paving program.
The FY 2017 budget emphasizes continued progress in implementing the City Council’s six goals contained in the Strategic Plan, which was adopted in February.  The goals, which provide the framework to ensure the city’s tax dollars are optimized in a manner to best serve its citizens, are divided into six fundamental categories:  Transportation, Recreation and Parks, Economic Development, Government Efficiency, Public Safety and Sense of Community. 
“I appreciate the efforts of the City Council and staff to deliver Johns Creek’s FY 17 budget, which is aligned with the Council’s strategic goals,” said Mayor Mike Bodker.  “This balanced budget, the city’s 11th consecutive, was made easier by the priorities of the new strategic plan and 10-year financial model, which allows city leaders to test various policy and resource decisions to better detect future impacts.”
The City has continued its disciplined practice of accruing funds for its infrastructure improvement and maintenance needs.  This practice helps to ensure that adequate resources are saved today and will be available to meet the city’s long-term obligations.
Highlighting continued budget planning efficiency efforts, base personnel expenditures are down by more than 4% and base operations expenditures decreased 0.87% compared to the approved FY 2016 budget. 
Sales tax and property taxes comprise the largest portion of the revenue streams with sales tax rising 2%, based on a review of historical actuals and projected total receipts for FY 2016. 
The budget reflects a millage rate of 4.360 per $1,000 of assessed property value. The City Council had kept the millage rate at 4.614 for the first nine years.  In August, the City Council lowered the millage rate for the first time since the incorporation of the City. 
View details of the FY 2017 budget here.