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Spring to bring citywide repaving effort to neighborhood streets

April 13, 2015

Neighborhood RepavingWith the arrival of warmer weather, the Johns Creek Public Works Department will kick off its neighborhood repaving initiative, a multi-year plan to upgrade the City’s subdivision streets.

 “When the City incorporated in 2006, we inherited a neighborhood street network that hadn’t been properly maintained,” said Mayor Mike Bodker. “As a result, we are taking our initial steps toward getting our roads to an appropriate condition. By improving and maintaining our neighborhood streets, we’ll be helping our citizens protect their greatest investment – their homes – and maintain a high quality of life.”

The City plans to spend about $5.83 million in 2015 to repave 33 subdivisions.
In 2011, the City hired a private company, Stantec, to drive all the streets in Johns Creek to assess their condition. Using information from the Stantec analysis, the City prioritized its repaving schedule based on subdivisions with the worst streets.

Work for 2015 should start in April and probably will finish in late fall. Paving will be done during the day.

Mayor Bodker also asked that people be patient while construction is going on in their subdivisions and on their street.

“These are temporary inconveniences, but the results will be worthwhile in meeting our long-term goals of improving our roads throughout the city,” he said.

To alert people that their neighborhood will be paved soon, the City will put up street signs near subdivision entrances and notify HOAs. Paving updates will be posted on the City’s website and Facebook page.

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