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Neighborhood repaving program progressing street by street

July 07, 2015

Neighborhood RepavingThe City’s neighborhood repaving program is progressing as crews systematically work through the list of subdivisions targeted this year, and people seem glad to have their streets resurfaced.

“It is much better than it was,” said David Maskell, a resident of the Spring Meadows Farms subdivision. “They did it very efficiently. I was worried they would need to completely rebuild the road, but they did a very good job rebuilding it. I think people are very happy about it.”

Gary Zermuehlen of Silver Ridge subdivision was pleased as well, saying, “You all did an amazing job in our neighborhood. It looks fantastic.”

As of July 1, the City has completed repaving 13 neighborhoods, totaling almost 9.5 miles of new asphalt. Crews are about to finish Double Gate, one of the largest subdivisions with public streets in Johns Creek, with an additional 5.5 miles of streets.

Thus far, the City has completed:
  • Carriage Park
  • Standard View
  • Reserve at Foxdale
  • Estates at Wellington
  • Surrey Park
  • Jones Bridge Crossing
  • North Bridges
  • Silver Ridge
  • Hunter’s Forest
  • Morton Chase
  • Aviary Ridge
  • Chessington Chase
The City has scheduled 33 subdivisions for repaving in 2015, the first year of a multi-year resurfacing program. (Click here to see the list of subdivisions planned to be repaved this year.)

Please do not park on the street during the repaving process. Please turn off your sprinkler system. Be advised the contractor may need to temporarily park equipment on the street.

Starting in the spring of 2015, the Public Works Department began tackling the long-term program to upgrade the condition of all of the City’s subdivision streets.  To protect property values and enhance the quality of life of its citizens, the City strives to ensure its streets and roads are in good repair.

When Johns Creek became a city in December, 2006, it inherited a road network in need of maintenance. The City opted to focus first on repairing and improving its major roads. A consultant drove a specially equipped vehicle down each of Johns Creek’s streets in 2011 to gauge their conditions.  Using that data as a guide, the Public Works staff developed a repaving plan for the City’s subdivisions.

In March 2015, with the plan worked out and the funding in place, the City Council gave the program a green light to begin paving.

To learn more about the program and the repaving process, visit the City’s neighborhood repaving page.

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