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Johns Creek taking on traffic with construction projects, Waze

August 21, 2015

2015 road improvementsIn an ongoing effort to address traffic concerns, the City of Johns Creek recently allocated $3.18 million to fund an additional eight traffic improvement projects to the Fiscal Year 2015 list of 14 previously approved and ongoing projects.

The City Council signed off on the improvements during the mid-year budget review process in which the city adjusts the budget to better address issues in the current environment.

“Johns Creek sits at a crossroads between major highway and interstate arteries.  To our north is one of the fastest growing counties in the state, with equally impressive population growth taking place to our immediate east and west,” said Johns Creek Mayor Mike Bodker. “The City Council has taken a more aggressive approach to mitigate our growing traffic issues, and we will continue to add additional projects as needed as well as leverage innovative technologies to best manage this challenge.”

The additional traffic projects approved by the City Council include:
  • Medlock Bridge Road from St. Ives Country Club to State Bridge Road – creating a southbound lane by re-striping and minor widening, pending state permit. 
  • Medlock Bridge Road from State Bridge road to St. Ives Country Club – creating a northbound lane by re-striping and minor widening; plus an additional right-turn lane at State Bridge Road, pending state permit. 
  • Medlock Bridge from Wilson Road to Johns Creek Parkway – creating a northbound lane by re-striping and minor widening, pending state permit.
  • State Bridge Road – removing medians and striping to extend the westbound right-turn from Whole Foods to Medlock Bridge Road.
  • State Bridge Road – extending a westbound left-turn lane onto Medlock Bridge Road.
  • Kimball Bridge Road westbound from Jones Bridge Road to Kimball Bridge Parkway – restriping to create an extra lane.
  • Jones Bridge Road at Waters Road – “Florida T” on Jones Bridge Road (using cones to shield through-traffic in a T-intersection).
  • Findley Road at Medlock Bridge Road – installing a new traffic signal.
The City is also partnering with the Georgia Department of Transportation on some major projects in Johns Creek, including replacing the bridges on Parsons Road and on Bell Road, and widening Old Alabama Road between Medlock Bridge and Buice roads.

The City is not only adding pavement. In addition to more lanes, adding a roundabout, and road widening, the City is also employing software solutions to get the most out of our roads’ capacity.

The City is implementing an Intelligent Traffic System, which is a program that fine-tunes and coordinates traffic signals. By implementing special software, installing back-up batteries to ensure signals work during power outages, and by connecting traffic signals through fiber optic cable to a Traffic Control Center at City Hall, the system will help move traffic more efficiently.

In another innovative approach, Johns Creek is the first city in Georgia to team up with Waze, the world’s largest crowd-sourced, traffic-navigation phone app, to provide motorists timely notice of road construction and incident data in the City.

The City will share information with Waze, such as road closings, accidents, and major events that affect traffic. In return, Waze will help transportation planners better understand traffic patterns, which will help the City determine both where and where not to allocate future funds.

For the latest information regarding traffic improvement projects, please visit the City of Johns Creek Traffic Improvement page