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Johns Creek road improvements for safety, traffic flow to begin Sept. 21

September 18, 2015

Road ImprovementsNew road improvements to enhance safety and traffic flow in Johns Creek are set to kick off over the next two weeks. The projects are scheduled to be completed by the end of Dec., weather permitting.

The planned improvements include:

•  A new right-turn lane on Jones Bridge Road onto McGinnis Ferry Road, and then a 1,000-foot merging lane on McGinnis Ferry Road scheduled to begin Monday, Sept. 21. This project will allow vehicles turning right to have their own lane, reducing wait times at the traffic signal, and then to ease into traffic after making their turn. Most of the construction will be off to the side of the existing travel lanes, minimizing disruption to traffic 

•  A new roundabout at Crossington at Sargent roads scheduled to begin Monday, Sept. 28. The project will allow residents in the Wellington subdivision to more safely enter and exit their neighborhood, reduce the potential for dangerous T-bone collisions, and encourage large vehicles to use more appropriate routes. As planned, the contractor will keep traffic flowing by channeling vehicles through the existing center turn lane until the northern half of the roundabout is built. Then, vehicles can use the northern half of the roundabout while workers continue with the project on the other half.

Intermittent lane closures may occur, so occasional delays may be expected. Flag crews will be on hand to control the flow of traffic. Work will be limited to 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. workdays.

The City is sensitive to the impact multiple projects have on the community as it plans each.  However, the exact timing of the construction is often dependent on the availability of state and federal funding, as well as the timing of when the project is signed for approval to move forward.  Weather delays and other construction factors also impact the timeline.  When the funding is available, the city has to utilize it in a specific timeframe or it may no longer be available.

The City will work through each as expeditiously as possible while, at the same time, do everything it can to help mitigate higher levels of traffic congestion.

For more information about these and other transportation projects, please visit the City transportation improvement webpage.