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Johns Creek completes first year of neighborhood repaving program

December 30, 2015

Neighborhood RepavingThe Johns Creek Public Works Department has finished its first round of a four-year program to repave its neighborhood streets.

Repaving crews resurfaced 34.33 miles of streets in 34 subdivisions, including Double Gate, one of the City’s largest. The City spent about $5.83 million in 2015 toward maintaining neighborhood streets.

 “Our Public Works team did a great job repairing and repaving our neighborhood streets that needed it the most,” said Mayor Mike Bodker. “When Johns Creek became a city in December, 2006, we inherited streets in need of maintenance. But this is a just down payment on a promise made years ago to fix our neighborhood streets. It’s an important quality of life issue. It’s also an economic development issue to support and enhance property values by creating curb appeal.”

In 2011, a consultant drove a specially equipped vehicle down each of Johns Creek’s streets to gauge their conditions.  Using that data as a guide, the Public Works staff developed a repaving plan for the City’s subdivisions.

In March 2015, with the plan finalized and the funding in place, the City Council gave the program the green light to begin paving.

To accelerate the repaving program, the City Council set aside another $5 million for repaving subdivision streets in 2016, which should enable the Public Works Department to tackle up to 28 more subdivisions.

View the 5-Year Repaving Plan here.