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Johns Creek City Council signs off on two road safety projects

August 13, 2015

To enhance road safety, the Johns Creek City Council on Aug. 10 approved a roundabout at Crossington and Sargent roads, and an 850-foot extension of a merge lane on Jones Bridge Road, south of State Bridge Road.

Construction on a new roundabout at Sargent and Crossington roads is expected to begin in September.

The roundabout will be about 90 feet in diameter, about 10 feet larger than the one about a half-mile west on Sargent Road. 

The roundabout achieves several objectives.
  • It will be safer for residents in the Wellington subdivision using Crossington Road to both ingress and egress out of their neighborhood onto Sargent Road.
  • The larger size of the roundabout will require motorists to slow down on Sargent Road.
  • The roundabouts discourage large vehicles from using Sargent Road as a cut-through between McGinnis Ferry and Jones Bridge roads, which increases risk to motorists from several neighborhoods on Sargent Road.
  • Roundabouts reduce the number and the severity of accidents.
  • Roundabouts provide a safe haven for pedestrians trying to cross Sargent Road.
The project is expected to be complete by the end of the 2015.

The new merge-lane extension on Jones Bridge Road will allow more time for southbound motorists to ease into the flow of traffic. Currently, the southbound lanes on Jones Bridge Road just south of State Bridge Road go from two lanes to one after about 400 feet. When completed, motorists will have an additional 850 feet to merge into the single southbound lane. 

The merge lane eventually will become part of a project to widen Jones Bride Road from two to four lanes between State Bridge and Waters roads. The new merge-lane project is expected to begin later in August with an anticipated completion date in November.

Sargent Road Roundabout Infographic | Map
Jones Bridge Road Merge Lane Extension Infographic | Map