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Johns Creek City Council approves Fiscal Year 2016 budget

September 29, 2015

BudgetAfter considerable discussion, community input, and refinement, the Johns Creek City Council approved the Fiscal Year (FY) 2016 Operating Budget of $60.4 million. The City Council also committed more than 75 percent of its estimated $54 million in reserves.

“I am pleased with the efforts of the City Council and staff to deliver Johns Creek’s 10th consecutive balanced budget, which will fund traffic congestion relief, public safety improvements, park enhancements and community-based planning for the future,” said Mayor Mike Bodker.  “This budget incorporates significant improvements to our budget process, and addresses the community’s desire for a clearer picture of city expenditures.”

The FY 2016 Budget is the product of a new, strategic planning process that utilizes a 10-year financial forecast model complemented by a scorecard method to prioritize capital requests.  The City has begun to designate accrual funds for on-going maintenance needs. The Mayor and City Council reduced expenditures as part of each discussion and public hearing on the budget totaling more than $2 million in operational and expenditure cuts.

The adopted FY2016 Budget focuses on investments in public safety, traffic congestion relief, maintenance investments including neighborhood road resurfacing, and investments in infrastructure. 

The City Council also adopted two resolutions committing portions of the reserves. The City of Johns Creek’s conservative fiscal management and prudent planning has led to the accumulation of more than $54 million in reserves. The City Council designated funding for future infrastructure of about $6.15 million, as well as $20 million towards land acquisition, $7 million towards neighborhood road resurfacing and $1.5 million towards development of parks and other city-owned structures. 

The following is a snapshot of expenditures planned for FY 2016:

Public Works
• $5 million in Neighborhood Road Resurfacing
• $750,000 in Major/High Traffic Road Resurfacing  
• $475,000 in Intelligent Traffic System Investments; leveraging $751,000 in grant funding
• Traffic Congestion Relief for key transportation corridors including McGinnis Ferry Road, Kimball Bridge Road, Abbotts Bridge Road, Jones Bridge Road, Barnwell Road, and Haynes Bridge Road 

Recreation and Parks
• $375,000 for Ocee Park – Renovation of the Playground and addition of Restroom Facility and Irrigation at Lower Fields
• $120,000 for Autrey Mill – Repairs to the foundation of the Summerour House and Visitors Center
• $50,000 towards the City’s portion of funds to study the replacement or refurbishment of the Rogers Bridge connection across the Chattahoochee River
• $49,000 for Newtown Park – sidewalk connections and video security system

Public Safety
• $643,842 for personnel costs for four new Police Officers (cost includes vehicles and equipment)
• $314,698 for personnel costs for three new Fire Fighters and an additional Fire Marshal
• $54,000 for three Continuous CPR Chest Compression units 
• $26,000 to train six additional Fire Fighters as Paramedics

Other Highlights
• $300,000 Comprehensive Land Use Plan – Full Update
• $36,000 Greenway Trail Light Replacements
• $35,000 Internal Audit contract funds