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City finishing 3 small, notable projects to ease traffic for many

August 05, 2015

Road constructionJohns Creek Public Works contractors are finishing up some small but significant road improvements that will help make driving in different parts of the City a little more fluid and safer.

Old Alabama Road at Autrey Mill Nature Preserve and Heritage Center
The City is adding a left turn lane on eastbound Old Alabama Road into Autrey Mill Nature Preserve and Heritage Center. Old Alabama is a two-lane road. The left-turn lane is important because major events at the park can lead to a long line of cars trying to turn into the park entrance. Add a curve and a slope just before the entrance, and eastbound motorists could be surprised to suddenly see stopped cars in front of them. The turn lane will give people a safe place to wait to turn. View the map here.

Boles and Abbotts Bridge Roads
Crews are extending the right-turn lane from westbound Boles Road where it dead-ends at Abbotts Bridge Road. Currently, vehicles wanting to turn right from two-lane Boles onto Abbotts Bridge Road are mingled with vehicles wanting to turn left. A car trying to turn left onto busy Abbotts Bridge Road can back up traffic for quite a distance. With the longer right-turn lane, vehicles can sort themselves into left turns and right turns, and the right turns can go when the opportunity presents itself. View the map here.

Medlock Crossing Parkway and State Bridge Road
A median on Medlock Crossing Parkway has been removed and replaced with a second left-turn lane. That will reduce the back-up to turn left onto westbound State Bridge Road. The extra turn lane should make Medlock Crossing Parkway into a more-appealing alternative to Medlock Bridge and State Bridge roads, which has one of the highest collision rates in the City. View the map here.