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City Council approves public art program

October 30, 2015

The Johns Creek City Council on Monday, Oct. 26, approved a program to put art in City parks and public spaces throughout the City. 

The City Council voted 4-0 to support a recommendation by the City’s Public Arts Board to allow Johns Creek Beautification to place six pieces of art at Shakerag Park, Newtown Park, and along a trail at Johns Creek Walk along Medlock Bridge Road. 

The City will provide locations for the art, which initially will be exhibited for 18 months and then being replaced by new pieces, which will be on display for a year. The art will be leased from the artists by Johns Creek Beautification.    The first pieces will be installed in November.

Called ArtSpot, the program will feature an annual rotating display of sculptures funded through state and regional grants and private donations.  ArtSpot's goals include expanding visual arts to varying media, creating sculpture walks, and to purchase/commission permanent works

Johns Creek Beautification, Inc. formed a dedicated art committee in July that began a nationwide search for art by established sculpture artists, art institutions and professional organizations.  Submissions are judged and recommendations are then made by the City’s Public Art Committee to the Johns Creek City Council for final approval. The recommendations must comply with the community standards established by the Public Art Master Plan adopted by the City Council. 

The City is providing a physical base for the artwork, but leases and purchases of artwork are paid for through fundraising efforts by Johns Creek Beautification. ArtSpot conducted a successful Kickstarter fundraising campaign through Oct. 30 with the goal of purchasing the first permanent sculpture to be donated to the City, and to generate public awareness and engagement in this new initiative.