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Citizens invited to unique, interactive design experience to shape Johns Creek’s future

March 27, 2015

The District public inputWhat vision of Johns Creek will citizens leave for their children and grandchildren?  Lending a representative voice to the answer is the goal of a unique, interactive design experience being sponsored by the City as part of the Master Plan for The District.
On Wednesday, April 15, community members are invited to interact with experts from Urban Design Associates (UDA) in a “design studio” experience as renderings and visuals are created based on the input gathered from citizens during the initial public meeting last month. Planners, architects, and other designers will also base their concepts on data gathering, analysis and focus group input collected since the Master Planning process began.  This session will be a drop-in anytime from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. 
The following evening, Thursday, April 16, citizens are invited to join UDA professionals for a presentation of the analysis and alternatives developed for consideration.  Small group discussions will allow members of the community to share their thoughts directly with the UDA team.   This session will begin at 7 p.m. and go until 9 p.m.  Both the Wednesday and Thursday sessions will be held at 11555 Medlock Bridge Road, Suite 190.
The District is a bold vision to remake 728 acres centered around Technology Park into an area with an active downtown sense of place that will transform Johns Creek into a world-class city by becoming an economically and socially vibrant gathering spot that reflects the best of the Johns Creek community. 
The District would also address several critical issues facing the City while preserving Johns Creek’s residential character.
“We are undertaking this effort to accomplish a number of things that otherwise wouldn’t be as easily achieved,” said Mayor Mike Bodker.

The City must find a way to generate additional financial resources to maintain or improve its current level of service without asking its residential community to invest any more than it already is, Bodker said.  By focusing development in one central area, the District will protect existing neighborhoods from commercial sprawl and density.

The District also will make the City more competitive economically. With an environment that will attract a young, energetic work force, Johns Creek will be more attractive to corporate relocation and expansion, the mayor said. The District will create a vibrant, street-level experience attractive to residents and visitors alike.

Johns Creek’s residents and business owners are encouraged to share their own big ideas and bold visions at this early stage of the process.

“We need your input to guide the vision as each brushstroke brings the full image of The District to life,” Bodker said. “Active participation in public input meetings is needed to ensure the District solves our economic viability challenge but also represents your vision of Johns Creek.  We need every citizen as a member of ‘Team Johns Creek’ working together on a legacy we can look back on proudly and say ‘I was a part of that.’”