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Paver donations for Vet Memorial opening extended to Aug. 1

July 08, 2014

Veterans Memorial WalkBecause of popular demand, the deadline has been extended for donating an engraved brick paver in time for the ceremonial grand opening of the Johns Creek Veterans Memorial Walk, scheduled for November. The final deadline is Aug. 1.

"We had a huge bump in last-minute orders just before July 4," said Wayne Kidd, president of the Johns Creek Veterans Association, which is spearheading the Veterans Memorial Walk. "We took a look at the schedule and decided to extend the deadline a few more weeks to allow people to donate pavers in their loved one's name."

The pavers will be placed at 10 plazas spaced around the Veterans Memorial Walk, one for each conflict dating from World War I. The pavers come in two sizes: 4 inches by 8 inches, which can accommodate three lines of 18 characters each, for $50; and 8 inches by 8 inches, which can handle up to five lines and a selected military service logo, or the American Flag and 4 lines for $100.

"Pavers are a way to memorialize the contribution of a loved one who served," Kidd said. "And by placing their paver in the appropriate plaza - Vietnam vets in the Vietnam War plaza, Korean vets in the Korea War plaza - it puts their contribution in a larger context. It's an important way to remember what they did for all of us. Pavers can also be donated to recognize the families of veterans and other select non-veterans as well."

When finished, the Walk will be a serene place to honor veterans and those still serving. Each plaza will feature a highly polished black granite monument, a U-shaped sitting wall and a floor of about 250 pavers. The opening celebration of the Veterans Memorial Walk is set for Nov. 7.

The Walk's main entrance is nearly complete, with landscaping to be finished by early August. Constructed in red brick and concrete, the entrance is flanked by eight flag poles, one for each branch of service and for the city, state, and national flags.

To make a monetary donation, or donate an engraved paver, monument or bench, visit the Johns Creek Veterans Association page. No tax money is being used for the project.