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New entrance plaza at Veterans Memorial Walk hails project's progress

May 30, 2014

Veterans Memorial WalkThe main entrance plaza of the Johns Creek Veterans Memorial Walk is completed, signaling the conclusion of the first phase of the city's ambitious tribute to the community's military personnel.

The plaza, constructed in red brick and concrete to mirror nearby Park Place at Newtown Park, is flanked by eight flag poles, one for each branch of service and for the City, State, and National flags.

"The plaza is a clear sign to people that we're going forward," said Wayne Kidd, president of the Johns Creek Veterans Association, which is raising money for the project. "We talked about the Veterans Memorial Walk for a long time, and now it's becoming a reality."

The Veterans Memorial Walk, set in Newtown Park, will be a serene place to honor veterans and those still serving. It will feature 10 plazas with highly polished black granite monuments for World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf War, Iraq, Afghanistan, as well as one for prisoners of war and those missing in action, for those wounded or killed, and for women in service. The monument plazas will be floored with brick pavers etched with the names of people who served. Black granite benches will be placed along the walk and in other locations within the Memorial.

OpTech Monet donated and built the 800-foot-long walkway that meanders through the four-acre site. Sabrina Yvellez, a 13-year-old Girl Scout from Taylor Middle School, just donated the Women in Service memorial, the first of the Memorial Walk. She raised $13,000 for the monument.

Mayor Mike Bodker lauded Yvellez for her efforts, saying she is an inspiration to Johns Creek's patriots.

"Sabrina set a goal and achieved it. Her hard work has made a contribution to the City and to the community that I hope will serve as a call to each of us," Bodker said. "We can all note the results of her incredible determination to honor those that have served our nation. If Sabrina, can do it, we all can."

The Veterans Memorial Walk is scheduled to open over Veterans Day weekend in November.

To donate a monument, bench, or engraved paver, visit the Johns Creek Veterans Association page. No tax money is being used for the project. Pavers must be purchased by July 4 to be installed in time for the opening of the Veterans Memorial Walk on Veterans Day weekend 2014.