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Johns Creek Mayor's video promotes "Get Your Business Online" challenge

April 29, 2014

Get Your Business OnlineA video appeal by Johns Creek Mayor Mike Bodker was launched today as part of the Georgia city's ongoing effort to encourage all its businesses to go online.

"If there's just one thing you do today, just one thing, then join me in getting Johns Creek businesses online," says Bodker in the opening line of the video, taped as part of Google's nationwide "Get Your Business Online" challenge.

Along with Johns Creek Chamber of Commerce and Johns Creek Advantage, its economic development corporation, the city is joining other U.S. cities and states – including Georgia – in Google's challenge to get all businesses online.

"Businesses that are online are expected to grow 40 percent faster and are twice as likely to create new jobs," said Bodker. "That's huge for small business and it's huge for Johns Creek."

Johns Creek is home to many businesses that can help in web development and site management. Businesses, large and small, are encouraged to contact the Johns Creek Chamber of Commerce Small Business Resource Center for more information on those firms.

Additionally, Google is partnering with Homestead, Inc., to provide websites for free, including an easy-to-build website, a customized domain name and web hosting for a year. Visit www.gybo.com/georgia to download free workshops and get more information on how to get started.