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Fulton County crews coming to Johns Creek to clean county sewer pipes

January 07, 2014

Sewer RepairTo prevent sewage from backing up into people homes, streets, or spilling out into rivers and streams, the Fulton County Department of Water Resources soon will be in Johns Creek as part of a countywide effort to clean its entire sewer system of roots and grease and other debris starting in January.

"Fulton County contractors will have their equipment on many of Johns Creek's streets, but it's important to keep the sewer system flowing so we ask people to be patient," said Johns Creek Public Works Director Tom Black.

The project is expected to take six months.

The Fulton County crews may also need access to public easements and rights of way, which may require access through some private property. Crews needing access to private property will notify property owners in advance. Fulton County officials state that field crews have been directed to act in a professional and respectful manner. If there is any conflict with a property owner, the contractor will move on to another location while a department representative follows up with the property owner.

Typical equipment required to complete the jobs includes water trucks, vactor trucks, hose trucks and trailers, loaders and mixers. Fulton County officials warn that sometimes hoses, nozzles, or cameras become trapped in a sewer line, which might require digging up streets or easements to recover the equipment.

The work is being done by private contractors – Municipal Services, Inc. of Queensbury, N.Y., and Video Industrial Services, Inc. from Birmingham, Ala. – whose vehicles won't have the familiar Fulton County markings. However, each crew will carry identification and a Letter of Information and Authorization that states the nature of the work they are doing, all key personnel at their company and the department to contact for more information.

To learn more, visit Fulton County's Water Resources page on this project or call 404-840-3996.