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1st roundabout in Johns Creek coming to Sargent at Lexington roads

April 01, 2014

RoundaboutWork on Johns Creek's first roundabout will begin in April when crews start installing the traffic-calming project at Lexington and Sargent roads.

The roundabout, also called a traffic circle, is intended to slow traffic, which will give motorists coming out of Windgate and Lexington Woods subdivisions safer access onto Sargent Road. The roundabout may also discourage through-traffic on Sargent Road, which was never intended to serve as a cut-through from McGinnis Road to Jones Bridge Road.

"Roundabouts are fairly common in other parts of the country," said Public Works Director Tom Black. "They are actually safer, move traffic better and less expensive than traditional traffic signals. People also will probably find they spend less time waiting to get in the flow of traffic."

Studies show that roundabouts also reduce collisions. Motorists find that entering the stream of traffic is easier because as cars exit the roundabout, gaps are created for other cars to enter.

According to Georgia Department of Transportation, roundabouts have 39 percent fewer collisions than traditional right-angle intersections. People tend to slow down when they approach a roundabout and they tend to pay closer attention to other vehicles.

Accidents in roundabouts, when they do occur, tend to be less severe. GDOT records show that roundabouts have 76 percent fewer wrecks with injuries, and 89 percent fewer fatalities than comparable, regular intersections. That's because right-angle intersections lead to so-called "t-bone" collisions, which tend to be much more serious.

The traffic circle, expected to be finished by early summer, will be built to accommodate school buses and fire trucks.