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Solid Waste  

Each municipality in Georgia is required to have a Solid Waste Management Plan, as outlined in the Georgia Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Act.

A solid waste plan provides local officials with a long-range "blueprint" for collection, disposal and recycling of solid waste in order to reduce the amount going into landfills and other disposal facilities. Johns Creek's solid waste stream is comprised of residential, commercial, industrial, construction and demolition (C&D) materials.

Johns Creek's Solid Waste Management Plan:

  • provides assurance of adequate solid waste collection and disposal capacity for at least ten (10) years from the date of plan completion.

  • promotes reduction of the per capita rate of municipal solid waste disposed in solid waste facilities. (The city's per capita disposal rate is projected to decrease from 6.38 pounds per day in 2008 to 5.74 pounds per day by 2018, a 10 percent decrease.)

  • identifies solid waste handling facilities within the City as to size and type.

  • identifies land areas in the City unsuitable for solid waste handling facilities based on environmental and land use factors.

The Plan replaces the Fulton County Solid Waste Management Plan, which had been used as an interim plan following the City's December 1, 2006 incorporation. The Plan's adoption by Johns Creek City Council followed two public hearings and review and approval by the Atlanta Regional Commission and Georgia Department of Community Affairs.

Trash Collection

The City of Johns Creek does not provide trash collection, but does require solid waste haulers to register and enter into a contract with the City in order to operate within the City. Among other things, waste haulers are required to provide a minimum level of service and submit their base rates for posting here. The intent of publishing the fees is to encourage competition and help the public know when they are being treated fairly.

To this end, starting with the 2013 registration process, reporting of the maximum rates charged for basic services has been requested. The list below includes those waste haulers who have registered and provided rate information:

  • Advanced Disposal:  770-887-6063
    8880 Old Federal Road, Ball Ground, Georgia 30101
    Residential:  $20.00/month
    Commercial:  $85.00/month

  • Allegiance Sanitation:  1-800-241-9591
    PO Box 501172, Atlanta, Georgia 31150
    Residential:  $11.00/month

  • American Disposal Services:  678-720-0500
    3255 Heritage Dr., Kennesaw, GA 30144
    Residential:  $20.00/month
    Commercial:  $115.00/month

  • Arrow Waste:  770-441-3037
    4039 Bonsai Road, Conley, GA 30288
    Commercial: Roll-off only

  • Conex Recycling:  770-889-1550
    PO Box 1165, Cumming, Georgia 30028
    Commercial recycling only

  • Republic Services of GA:  678-963-2800
    75 Curtis Road, Lawrenceville, GA 30045
    Residential:  $15.00/month
    Commercial:  $86.51/month
  • Waste Management:  404-794-6707
    6970 Main Street, Woodstock, Georgia 30188
    Residential:  $16.00/month
    Commercial:  $88.00/month

  • Waste Pro:  770-777-1447
    3512 Oakcliff Road, Doraville, GA 30340
    Commercial:  $123.00/month


The above maximum pricing reflects the following service levels or equivalent:
  • Residential:  Weekly curbside collection of 90 gallon rolling waste cart, 30 gallon rolling recycling cart, yard trimmings, and once per month bulk waste collection.
  • Commercial:  Collection of a 6 cubic yard dumpster weekly.

Many variables can affect the rates charged by waste haulers.  Often additional charges may apply and consumers are encouraged to contact waste haulers using the information provided above to inquire about extra charges and to compare rates, before entering into a service contract. 

Additional fees known to have been charged in the past include fuel surcharge, administrative fees, fees for stopping or restarting service, and cart delivery fees. 

It has not been the City’s practice to publish the additional fee information because the nature of those fees is that they adjust frequently based on outside influences like fuel prices.  In some cases, these additional fees may require a considerable amount of explanation to communicate what they are and how they are calculated and applied.  It is recommended that you have the waste hauler explain all fees they charge prior to entering into a service contract.

Although the City regulates the levels and nature of service provided, it does not manage, control, regulate or negotiate the fees the haulers charge, haulers’ general business practices or the terms of agreements between haulers and their customers.


The City of Johns Creek does not provide recycling services but there are several options available through private haulers. The haulers identified above are required to provide traditional residential recycling services for items such as paper, glass and plastic as part of their basic services. In order to encourage recycling, waste haulers are required to provide 30 gallon or larger wheeled recycling carts with lids at the request of the homeowners they serve.

If you choose to not have your recyclables collected by your private waste hauler or you require additional recycling services, the two closest recycling drop-off centers are:

Please check with these centers for their hours of operation and description of items accepted.